Zdes Khorosho by Rachmaninoff

How fair this spot

How peaceful…
Look there, in the distance
The river shines like a flame,
The fields lie like a flowered carpet,
White clouds above.

Here there are no people,
Here there is silence,
Here there is only God and I,
Flowers – and an aging pine,
And you, my dream!

Kafka Fragment No. 8 from Part IV: Es blendete uns die Mondnacht Soprano, Vanessa Langer "The moonlit night dazzled us. Birds shrieked in the trees. There was a rush of wind in the fields. We crawled through the dust, a pair of snakes." -Franz Kafka

David Coll, composer, discusses his sound sculpture "Position, influence for soprano and sound sculpture" and collaboration with soprano Vanessa Langer. Read our coverage of the event: http://goo.gl/aewhui