Vanessa Langer

Soprano | specializing in the Contemporary & Historic

Zdes Khorosho by Rachmaninoff

How fair this spot

How peaceful…
Look there, in the distance
The river shines like a flame,
The fields lie like a flowered carpet,
White clouds above.

Here there are no people,
Here there is silence,
Here there is only God and I,
Flowers – and an aging pine,
And you, my dream!

David Coll, composer, discusses his sound sculpture "Position, influence for soprano and sound sculpture" and collaboration with soprano Vanessa Langer. Read our coverage of the event:

Kafka Fragment No. 8 from Part IV: Es blendete uns die Mondnacht Soprano, Vanessa Langer "The moonlit night dazzled us. Birds shrieked in the trees. There was a rush of wind in the fields. We crawled through the dust, a pair of snakes." -Franz Kafka